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Strategic Planning services:

Organizational readiness analysis — conducted prior to proceeding with strategic planning

Strategic planning facilitation — design and facilitation of strategic planning process, tailored to client needs

Strategic planning training — 2-day overview and instructional program

Strategy execution support — help managing strategic initiatives and execution discipline

Executive coaching— support and sounding board for executive leaders


Standard Programs:

Project Planning and Leading — 2-day program

Project Planning — 2-day program

Project Leadership — 1-day program

Project Execution — 1-day program

Project Negotiation and Conflict Skills — 1-day program

Managing Portfolios and Project Managers — half-day executive overview

Strategic Portfolio Management — half-day or full-day program for portfolio managers

Project Team Development help creating teamwork to support project success

Project Manager Coaching— help and support for project managers

Project Adventure — 5-day outdoor team challenge program


Project Support Services:

Consulting assistance — help with project planning and intervention for “stuck” projects



Standard Course offerings:

Leadership Essentials — 4-day program

Adapting Your Leadership Approach — 1-day program

Collaborative Leadership — 1-day program

The Summit Series — 6 half-day sessions combining Summit Management's most popular and proven programs

Management Essentials — 2-day program

Establishing and Maintaining Trust — half or full-day program

Exploring Management as a Career — full-day program

Negotiation and Conflict Skills — 1-day program

Organizing, Planning and Delegating Work — half or full-day program

Performance Management — half or full-day program

Turnaround Challenge — 2-day, manufacturing-based, case study program

Professional Facilitation — third-party facilitation for meetings, planning sessions and team development

Team Development – retreats, interventions and


Management Retreats – get-aways and perspective for management teams


Custom-designed Management Training – Programs designed to meet the unique needs of your managers




Dick DeBlieck founded Summit Management in 1991 for the purpose of helping individuals and organizations reach peak performance. Toward that end, Dick provides clients with strategic and project planning services as well as leadership development expertise.