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" Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to head up the leadership development function for some great organizations: Cray Research, Norwest Bank, Best Buy, and the University of Minnesota among them. I have hired Dick DeBlieck to provide training that both supplemented and complemented what we were able to offer internally.


I have continued to rely on Dick because he offers tried and true content based on solid and proven leadership development principles that he has been able to pass on to a wide variety of organizations. It is significant that Dick has almost never had to advertise. His customers keep calling him back and they tell others about their positive experience working with Dick."


Mel Mitchell







This 4-day program for established leaders is designed to provide the opportunity to step back and examine your personal leadership practices as well as learn skills for improving your leadership effictiveness. Topics include: linking day-to-day activity to long-term goals, influence, communication, authentic leadership, managing team performance, and more. The program is typically conducted once per week over a four week period.



Considerable research supports the idea that there are many pathways to effective leadership and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works in all circumstances. In this course we introduce authentic leadership, participants identify the unique talents and abilities each brings to their role, and we explore a number of contingency leadership models.



Collaboration is described and defined and participants are introduced to the leadership and teamwork skills required to foster and succeed in collaborative work efforts. How to build the trust required to facilitate collaboration is addressed as is the value—and cost—of collaboration.



This program is for those recently promoted into a management role who have little formal training in management skills. Topics covered include: communication, leadership, organizing and planning work, team building, performance management, managing change and more. The series consists of six half-day sessions that can be customized to meet the unique needs of your managers and your organization.



A two-day program designed for individuals new to a management role and for experienced managers with limited training. Provides help understanding the role and responsibilities of a manager along with practical skills to help with the day-to-day challenges managers face such as setting priorities, delegating, providing leadership and working with a variety of personalities. Participants receive feedback on their leadership style preferences.



The foundation of productive work relationships and a healthy work environment is trust. While seldom discussed directly, trust (or lack thereof) pervades all dimensions of organizational life. This program explores leader behaviors that can destroy trust as well as those that build trust. Participants learn how to build both individual and organizational trust.



A career in management can be both rewarding and challenging. But it is not for everyone. The purpose of this course is to help individuals make an informed choice about whether to pursue management as a career path. Participants receive feedback on how their attitudes and aptitudes align with those of successful managers.



Since conflict in the workplace (or anywhere on earth) is inevitable, managers who are better able to lead their teams beyond conflict are more productive. Negotiation skills also give managers an edge. Because conflict is an inherent part of negotiation, the two topics are explored together. Participants receive feedback on their preferred conflict style and learn how to improve the odds of success in negotiation.



The essence of the job of managing is getting work done through others. Participants in this program learn how to organize and link work with strategic and operating priorities as well as how to delegate effectively. Managing time and priorities is also explored.



Principles of performance management including how to set goals, communicate performance expectations, and provide effective feedback are explored. Participants learn how to analyze and handle performance problems as well as how to develop employees to higher levels of capability.



Participants are challenged to employ what they have learned on the job as managers and in previous training programs to help turn around a troubled organization in need of improvement. This course centers around a rich and realistic case study that forces participants to examine what they believe is productive in the workplace and to look a new ideas and approaches.



Whether for communication, negotiation, planning, team development or other purposes, Summit Management can provide objective, third-party facilitation for critical team meetings. Bringing years of experience to the task, we can help you plan an agenda focused on the results you want to accomplish and facilitate the process to get you there.



Teams are commonly focused on the work they do while paying limited attention to how they are working together—or not. Team development from Summit Management is designed to help teams focus on the process of working together more effectively for the purpose of doing better work together. Team members learn about themselves and fellow team members and come away with an appreciation for the strengths fellow team members bring.



In the midst of day-to-day busy-ness, management teams can find it difficult to gain perspective and find time for reflection. Summit Management facilitates a variety of management retreats aimed at helping leaders step back and think about the longer term and higher priority challenges facing them and their organizations.



Summit Management is able to draw on 30-plus years of proven management and leadership development material. Sometimes client needs require a unique program to respond specialized learning objectives. A Summit specialty is working with you to identify the needs of your leaders and your specific learning objectives to create a learning experience suited uniquely to your organization and its leaders.


Dick DeBlieck founded Summit Management in 1991 for the purpose of helping individuals and organizations reach peak performance. Toward that end, Dick provides clients with strategic and project planning services as well as leadership development expertise.